73% of surveyed employees want to return to the office, but can't. That's why we have created a virtual coffee tasting for team building. 

The Most Efficient Way to Build Your Team is Over Coffee

We send three very unique craft coffee drinks to each attendee. We work with only the best coffee roasters in the country.

3 Craft Drinks

Meet your host

Our coffee tasting events last between 60-90 minutes and include a coffee-expert host.

1 Hour of Fun

Canada-wide delivery costs of all the drinks are included in the price of the event.

Free Delivery

Global Coffee Writer of the year honoree, certified trainer and general coffee educator

Our Events

Take your team building to the next level

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What to expect

Our team building coffee host is the award winning blogger, influencer and coffee educator, Vancouver Coffee Snob.

He'll guide your team through a tasting of three distinct craft coffee drinks that have been curated and roasted by one of the most respected coffee roasters in Canada.

Your team will learn about coffee, tea and other drinks as a group.

Trivia, games, and team building activities online, will have them engaged throughout the session and they’ll leave with knowledge on how to brew drinks at home.

Virtual Event

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We focus on team building in a relaxed atmosphere.

All of our events focus on providing your team a fun and engaging atmosphere to bond over coffee. We inject humour heavily into our tasting sessions and encourage group participation, as well as teach solo activities to use offline.

We handle every aspect of the team building event.

We'll organise delivery of coffee directly to your team members' front doors, as well as send out email invites, reminders and updates. We can include personal messages and even company swag in our deliveries.

Why our events are great

Tom Fitzgerald

Our host Tom, aka Vancouver Coffee Snob, runs Canada's largest coffee blog and is a staple in the coffee community for public speaking events and presentations. 

In 2019 and 2020 he was the MC of every major coffee event in Vancouver.

He runs a sellout monthly coffee education event called "Pinkies Out Coffee Club" and has appeared on CityTV, CBC, News1130 and several other media outlets as a coffee expert.

In 2020 he was given an Honoree award in the Global Coffee Writer of the Year Awards.

Tom has a very laid back and relaxed presenting style, with a focus on entertaining and educating guests with anecdotes, jokes and audience participation. 

He has experience presenting in front of groups up to 1000 people down to one on one sessions with C-Suite level employees.


Three Unique Coffee Drinks

Our Most Popular Option

3 bottles of brewed coffee delivered to your team members’ door. 

Each coffee is vastly different than the next.

Learn about the types of coffee that you’re drinking and their tasting notes. 

Take part in online trivia and games. 

Learn how to brew coffee at home. 

Q&A with our expert host.

Per Person
Includes delivery


Coffee, Non-Dairy Latte and Tea

2 unique coffee drinks and one tea drink delivered to your team members’ door. 

Learn about the types of beverages that you’re drinking and their tasting notes. 

Take part in online trivia and games. 

Learn how to brew coffee and tea at home. 

Q&A with our expert host.

*Currently Canada Only. 

Per Person
Includes delivery


Build Your Own Lattes

1 bottle of brewed coffee and three types of non-dairy milk delivered to your team members’ door. 

Construct three unique iced lattes with non-dairy milks (Oat. Almond. Soy)

Learn about the types of coffee that you’re drinking and their tasting notes.

Take part in online trivia and games. 

Q&A with our expert host.

Per Person
Includes delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

+1 877-488-0507 - [email protected]

Are there any minimums on attendees?

We have a 7 attendee minimum for each event. Attendees can be spread across different cities

How long does the event last?

The event lasts 1 hour but as groups often have so much fun, we allow an extra 30 minutes for each event.

When are the drinks delivered?

We aim to have the drinks to the attendees at least 2-3 days before the event starts. They're shelf-stable, but we ask that they keep them in the fridge to maintain freshness.

How does delivery work?

We ask that the group organizer provide the name and addresses of the delivery guests 2 weeks before the date of the event. We handle all the logistics of producing, ordering and delivering the drinks.

Do you provide the zoom link or do we?

What other things can we add to make this special for our group?

We can provide a Zoom link for your attendees to use for the event. If you prefer to use your own virtual meeting space (Teams, Webex, Meet etc) our event host can connect into that instead.

Virtual games.
Tailored trivia (Provided by the group organizer).
A virtual gift card to be spent in 50+ Vancouver coffee shops.
Non-perishable food items can be added to delivery with 2 weeks notice.

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"Tom was an incredible host and an absolute delight to work with!  Following the 3 sessions that were hosted, there was amazing feedback received from the different groups."

- Marie-Claire (Accenture PLC)